Actress and animal rights activist Tippi Hedren will present her autobiography, Tippi: A Memoir Thursday, January 26, 7 pm at the Adult Recreation Center in Glendale next to the Central Library.

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The star of Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds and Marnie tells her story, including never-before-revealed experiences on the set of some of the biggest cult films of all time.

In her book, Hedren digs deep into her complicated relationship with the man who discovered her talent, director Alfred Hitchcock. She discusses the difficulties and pain she endured working with him on their most famous collaborations, The Birds and Marnie, and how as a single mother she shielded her daughter from struggles on and off Hitchcock’s set.

Tippi Hedren

Difficult as her experiences with Hitchcock were, they nearly paled in comparison to her time on the set of Roar, a film starring dozens of live lions and tigers that has become one of the most notorious film productions of all time. Tippi offers a clear-eyed and surprising look at the perilous chances they took, while also recounting how these events led to years of animal rights activism, culminating in the creation of her very own big cats preserve, Shambala. And yet, through it all, Tippi shows how her career and life have continued to embody her unwavering devotion-to her daughter Melanie, to her animal rights activism, to her humanitarian relief work overseas, and to her art.

Filled with sixteen pages of beautiful photos, Tippi is a rare and fascinating look at a private woman’s remarkable life no fan can miss. Come and hear Tippi in person, buy the book, get it signed, and support the Friends!

Visitors to the Adult Recreation Center receive 3 hours FREE parking in the MarketPlace parking structure on Harvard Street with validation at the Adult Recreation Center.

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Tippi Hedren Presents Her Memoir Jan 26 at Friends Event