Renovating usually means redecorating as well! Central Library is under renovation, our Friends offices and our signage have been deconstructed and temporarily packed up. We are setting up our new space and we will have new displays and signage when Central Library re-opens. We needed to update our image for the new and updated facility.

Our Logo / Branding Committee formed more than a year ago to develop a new look for the Friends of the Glendale Public Library. The Logo / Branding Committee is led by Board member Rodica Mondocea.

cropped-G_logo_color_small_no_white.pngMondocea and the committee followed a methodical process – asking the board for a budget, coming up with a creative brief, soliciting feedback on criteria from board members, and looking for local artists. They sent the brief out, interviewed several outstanding local designers, and finally selected one and drew up a contract.

“The logo incorporates the City of Glendale’s design palette in a creative and colorful way,” Mondocea explains. “It conveys our message that we are Friends, within a technologically advanced organization, that is open and approachable, with programs appealing to all ages.”

Here are a few excerpts from the creative brief for the logo, which we hope will inspire our membership and reinforce in each Friend’s mind what we are all about:

What do we want the logo’s message to be?

  • Friends will continue to support the library and expand our community enrichment.
  • The library continues in the new century as a relevant and modern institution
  • Donors and volunteers are pooling their resources to enhance the library experience
  • Conveys the 21st century relevance of the library as a digital and print civic/ cultural/ educational free resource for all ages and stages of life

How do we want the imagery to feel?

  • Community serving. Keeping up with the new technologies. Forward thinking. Relevant. Long term. Helpful. Inclusive. Welcoming to all. Grassroots organization. Friends are members of the community with a higher level of involvement. The organization is open to all public-spirited people.

What do we want them to experience?

  • Being proud of contributing to the community enrichment
  • Feeling good about philanthropy- helping those without the economic means to buy what the library is offering at no cost
  • Being involved in sponsoring authors to present their books, and thus strengthening the bond between authors and readers
  • Being valued as a contributor to the well being of the community
  • Helping children and adults broaden their horizon, and acquire helpful skills to better their lives

Committee members are Lynda Burns, Patricia DuPre, and Mary Alice Toomey. Maral Tejirian, the owner of Sound Box Graphics in Glendale, designed the new logo for the Friends, and we are pleased that she also became a member of the Friends!

New Logo Anticipates Our New Presence at Central Library