Pedestrian and bicycling improvements are in the pipeline for streets and byways surrounding Glendale’s Central Library. The “green streets” improvements, which include landscaping that captures stormwater, are moving forward as the library renovation proceeds.


The Glendale City Council voted May 24 to start negotiating with three companies for the Green Streets project that will run along the north side of the Central Library on Harvard Street, and along the east side at Louise Street. The expanse of the project is Harvard from Brand Boulevard to Glendale Avenue and along Louise Street from Colorado Street to Wilson Avenue.

Main elements of the grant-supported $2.7 million project will be new crosswalks, curb extensions, lane restriping, improved traffic signaling, bikeway symbols, “bioswales” which will capture storm water, and plantings of native and low-water-use plants.

The Friends look forward to new, sustainable, green streets leading to our main library!

Green Streets Plan for Blocks Around Central Library Now Getting Underway!