The Glendale Chamber of Commerce Leadership Class of 2016.
The Glendale Chamber of Commerce Leadership Class of 2016 at the Glen Arden Club.

Hoping to make several new Friends, President Elise Kalfayan addressed the Leadership Glendale Class during their May tour of the Central Library renovation.

Leadership Glendale is a program of the Glendale Chamber of Commerce, created for aspiring leaders in the community. The class runs for nine months and features day-long schedules of meetings and trips to learn about the public sector as well as private programs, business groups and sectors, nonprofits, civic organizations, and more.

Friends know that free library resources and programs boost this community’s educational, civic, cultural, and commercial endeavors. The Leadership Class heard this as well during their tour.

They saw our current bookstore space, and learned that it will soon be closed and book sale operations relocated to the west side of the facility, on the lower level. They learned that we consigned most of our donated book inventory to make way for construction, and are now preparing to build back inventory and sales in our new space.

Kalfayan described our work to balance a downturn in book sales: membership development through expanded online outreach, e-newsletters, and Facebook promotions.

Standard for every year’s class, the 24 participants in Leadership Glendale 2016 conclude their classwork by creating and completing a philanthropy project. Theirs: opening an office in downtown Glendale for Family Promise of the Verdugos, where situationally homeless families can go to get help with finding employment and housing. More information and a way to donate here.

Interested in enrolling in Leadership Glendale? Fill out and return a 2017 Class Application.

If you are at all interested in the excellent Leadership Glendale program, you should also become a Friend of the Glendale Public Library. The Library is where it all starts, and where so many find the information they need to succeed!

Thank you to Leadership Class instructor Taguhi Sogomonyan for featuring the work of the Friends, and Reel Light Pictures principal (and 2016 Leadership Class member) Meher Kourouyan for the class photo above!

Friends Work Presented to Chamber Leadership Class