The Central Library renovation, surrounding roadway and pedestrian improvements, landscaping, and connections to other civic amenities in the downtown area, are being coordinated and “curated” by Glendale’s Urban Design & Mobility staff.

Alan Loomis, Glendale Deputy Director of Urban Design & Mobility, and Woodbury University Urban Design Instructor, spoke about his work and the city’s overall approach in a recent Archinect podcast interview.

Loomis notes that the Los Angeles area is ahead of other cities in looking for solutions to the consequences of auto-centric development. “What we do to increase density, how we solve those problems, is going to be the model for other cities,” he says. He goes on to note that in Glendale, design work is solving planning issues addressed in the past by zoning or policy.

Topics covered in the podcast include the convergence of urban planning and urban design to create solutions, the motivation and thought behind the Space 134 project in Glendale, and background on the Glendale Central Library renovation. Skip ahead to 21 minutes for the discussion of Glendale projects.

Archinect podcast interview on Glendale city design innovations, Central Library renovation, Space 134