We’ve lost all space to store book donations, so we must temporarily stop accepting them. Glendale Central Library has temporarily lost about 30 percent of its backroom area to construction, and even more room in public areas.

201511BookNookOur Book Nook book store is full, and our VP of Book Sales has culled recent donations and placed them on additional carts right outside the store. Used book sales are continuing during the renovation, but that’s all we can hold for now!

Donated book sales add up to about half of our annual budget, and this year we are not going to hit our sales target.

Now, more than ever, its time to become a Friend of the Glendale Public Library! Memberships aren’t expensive: they start at $20 per year ($10 for seniors or students). The more members we have, the more we can get our message out that our library system matters in this community!

Please join! And please add your name to the Friends email list and the library’s email list. You’ll receive news and event announcements online, we will save money on printing and postage, and we’ll have more money to give the library for programming and resources!

Stuck with a stack of book donations? Donations can still be made to other Library, Arts & Culture locations during open hours. In a few weeks, the Pacific Park branch will have some shelves set up; we’ll announce it on the website. Or, you can wait until late spring when our new storage space will be ready. We’ll be happy to build our inventory back up with quality donations at that time. Watch for updates.

The renovation will provide us with a larger store in the west end of the building (near the loading dock). The new store will open in late spring 2016. Donations to the Central Library will begin again before the opening. Just like the current Book Nook, the new location will be used for ongoing sales, both physical and online through Amazon.com. The expanded area will also be used for the storage and sorting of materials, and as a Friends of the Library office.

Love to work with books? We’d love to recruit a couple of volunteers to help restock the Little Free Libraries in Glendale! Email info@fogpl.org

Book Donations Halted: Memberships Critical!